Thursday, November 8, 2007

My First Bentos

These are my very first bento boxes and I think they turned out pretty neat. Now those of you who are bento box afficiandos are going to notice that my ratios are waaaaayyyy off and I know that. I decided not to stress too much about the ratio of grain/rice/noodles whatever to the whole box because I didn't have that much to use! I had to go with what I had on hand and I think it worked fine...until my two punk sons turned their noses up at their boxes even though they begged me to make them one. humpf...

All was not a total loss though because my dear sweet daughter was thrilled with hers and we ended up having a nice lunch and a snack later in the day.

I used storage boxes from Walmart and they worked fine, but I would rather have smaller boxes. I think it would be easier to load the box and fill in the gaps.

I'll try it again but right now the whole bento box thing is not as wonderfully appealing to me as before! lol!! As soon as I say that though I go visit Lunch in a Box and my desire resurfaces! Maybe if I had a cute Japanese box....hint, hint Dad...


Fried rice
chicken strip
grapes w/pomegrante seeds and a dried apricot
cheese stick
celery filled with cream cheese and carrot flowers
carrot sticks
cherry toms for filler
little potato wedges in my box (top box)

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