Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Our Troops Need Mail!

Have you heard of Soldier’s Angel? It’s a group that was started by a mom when she found out through her son that some troops were not receiving any mail. That just makes me so sad, doesn’t it you?

Today, I read that Gallery Collection which is the leading mail order publisher of Holiday Cards has joined with Soldier’s Angel and has donated cards to be sent to our troops! Not only that, Gallery Collection has also donated cards for the troops to send back. All of these cards will be sent in “care packages” going over soon.

If you want to support out troops, I think a great place to start would be at Soldier’s Angels. I plan on digging into the site later and seeing what my family can do whether it be through sending letters and cards or through sending needed items.

Not only do we need to be doing these things at Christmas but also throughout the year. I think it’s really easy to forget people after the holidays, ya know? Let’s strive not to do that this year!

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Sonya said...

How in the world do you talk your wonderful hubby into doing videos? He does such a good job! Now, go hug him!