Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Honda Love

When I asked Pete to write about Hondas, this is what I got:

I have always said "pound for pound and dollar for dollar you can't beat Honda Cars". I have owed two Civics and two Accords. My family has been loyal to Hondas since the seventies when Civics first came over on the boat. We will be in the market for an Honda van when I finish school here next year so I like to keep current on Honda Car Prices. As I search around on different sites I always take the opportunity for Honda Car Quotes just so know what they go for and if there is a major difference in price by region. You just can't beat a Honda car.

So, did you read that? That part about a Honda van?? WooHoo!! I'm so stinkin' excited because I love my van, but it's on it's last leg. I'm thrilled that he is considering another van!!

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