Thursday, November 8, 2007

Dude Needs Some New Lips!

So, I've just read about a gal who bit off part of her ex-boyfriend's lip while they were in bed smooching. Gee disturbing is that? I mean really, can you even imagine biting into a lip and biting so hard that you actually bite two-thirds of it completely off? She is crazy...I'm surprised she didn't eat it! lol!

Some people just don't do much thinking do they? I mean, this is not something that she is going to be able to rid herself of...she will always be known as the lady who bit of a lip. And poor dude, he's missing his lip. Not real good circumstances for either one of them, ya know? How in the world are they ever going to get any dates? Not good, not good...

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bokjae said...

hey jenny its been quite awhile! glad to see you on facebook! I have got a poser for you! drop by and check it out!