Monday, November 19, 2007

Freeze It For Mom

All families experience those life-changing events at least several times. Our family is no exception. Of course, our most recent life-changing event was the death of our youngest son, Gus. Long before that though, we experienced another one of those events. Well, I guess I should say that my mother experienced it the most, but this accident certainly affected all of us. I’ll forewarn you, this might not be a good read for the squeamish!

We all had gathered in Knoxville to celebrate my dad’s birthday. The evening had been filled with a cookout: steaks, baked potatoes, birthday cake, the works. We ate, ate, laughed, ate, probably poked fun at each other…we had a good time!

At bedtime, everyone had gone to their designated sleeping areas and had gone to sleep. Nik, on the other hand, was just a baby and was having a terrible time actually going to sleep so I took him upstairs to the living room so he would not bother anyone else. When he finally went to sleep, I took him back downstairs, set up his playpen and put him down. Thankfully, he did not stir and remained asleep!

Early in the morning, my mom got up to take some medicine. I had not even thought to tell her that I had set the playpen up in the den. When she came through the den, she was caught off guard. She tripped over the playpen and fell onto a glass top table. The heel of her hand hit the glass, broke in one large sheet and then her fingers slid down the edge of the broken glass. I woke up to hear my mom saying that she had cut her fingers off. In all honesty, I thought she had just hit her hand on something and was exclaiming that it had hurt. I’m embarrassed to say that I kind of ignored her! After a short while, it was quite obvious that she very well might have cut her fingers off and by that time, Dad had gotten there and was wrapping her hand. My job was to get her jeans on her which was not an easy job….I think we all were kind of in shock!

Dad rushed her to the ER and we followed shortly after. Nik had slept through the entire event. When I went to get him up and dress him, there was blood all over him where Mom had bled. That was quite an erie thing to see…very disturbing.

Mom spent most of the day with a micro surgeon. She had damaged her left hand extensively and ended up needing quite a bit of therapy. Her hand still, to this day, causes her pain, but she knows she is very fortunate to even have those fingers!

I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a year’s supply of Freeze It Gel than my Mom. Since she experiences a tremendous amount of pain due to the muscle and nerve damage, I think Freeze It would bring her quite a bit of relief. Of course, now that it is getting cooler, her hand is quite a bit more painful. I would love for her to experience a winter with less pain!

Freeze It is great for pain such as arthritis, muscular strains and back, shoulder, neck pain. I tried it on my knee a few months ago and it was wonderful! I also used it right before bed and I was able to go to sleep with ease. There’s nothing worse than trying to go to sleep when you are in pain, ya know?
If you haven’t tried Freeze it yet, you should. I think you’ll be pleased with it’s performance!!


Karen said...

OUCH! I hope your mom's hand pain goes away!

Sonya said...

Your mom SO deserves to win a year's supply! Wow! I had no idea she had this type of injury!