Monday, November 12, 2007

Brain Games

I have always thought it was important to exercise your brain. There are a gazillion and one different ways to do a book, work a crossword puzzle, work a jigsaw puzzle, really, the list is practically endless. A site I came across today via Neatorama is called Games for the Brain and there are quite a few neat games. I really, really like Counterfeit because of the art work that is these "find the difference" puzzles are extremely hard. There's a lot of brain exercising going on with these! lol! The set above has me completely stumped....

As a homeschooler, I love games like these. I can have one of the kids play through these while I am tutoring another child. I especially like that with these games, they are seeing classics pieces of art. As always, be sure to check the site out before letting your kids jump on and play...there are advertisements and I'm sure they change often.

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Andrew said...

Thanks ever so much, Jenny. I just tried that Counterfeit game and now I know I will get 0 work done today! It's like "Highlights magazine for adults"!

But yeah, these are pretty darn tough!