Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Mist...Creep Me Out!

Stephen King has always creeped me out…well, I guess I should say his stories creep me out because I’ve never actually met him and he might be rather kind! Lol!! Nonetheless, he has an incredible ability to write stories that scare me to the core of my being. I remember trying to read Pet Cemetery and not being able to get even half way through it…not because it was boring but because I was so freaked out. The un-dead animals…ack! I tried to watch the movie once but was completely unable. Someone had convinced me that the movie was not as scary, but I think the book just left too much of a mark on me that watching the movie was a definite “NO!”!! lol!!

This a.m. I watched a trailer for The Mist by Stephen King and yes, it freaked me out! Lol!! Creepy, creepy, creepy and then there was the rope being pulled back into the store with the…well, you just need to watch. Now even though I was completely freaked out, I still feel drawn to seeing this movie. I do like a good thriller much better than the demonic slasher type movies and I think this one will certainly be a thriller…and yes, I know, some blood will be involved, but I don’t think it is from demon-possessed slicers and hackers, ya know? Really, you need to just go check out this trailer for yourself!

Hopefully, Pete and I can go see this on our date night. I’ve been craving some of that good ol’ bad for ya theater popcorn!

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