Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Munchkins Get a Star!

Well it's about time that the actors who played the "Munchkins" in the Wizard of Oz got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! I mean really, don't you love the scene where Dorothy lands in Oz??

A few years back, we saw one of the actors in a comic store at Broadway at the Beach. It was so cool to see him in person. Unfortunately, we were not able to purchase a signed poster because they were so expensive. It would have been perfect for a die-hard Oz fan though.

Good for them!

photo source: FOXNews


Eaglehawk said...

Finally, I loved the Munchkins in the wizard of oz. My wife is a Barbie collector, so I have purchased all the wizard of oz characters of the Barbie set for her for Christmas.

Charlotte said...

I love the munchkins and so I'm so happy to see that they have finally gotten a spot on the Walk of Fame!!! They deserve it so much!!!