Monday, November 5, 2007

King Tut Unmasked

Well, this event comes at a very appropriate time for our family because today we begin our study of King Tut! How's that for timing?

Yesterday in Luxor, Egypt, King Tut's body was removed from his sarcophagus and displayed. I'm not sure I would want to see this in person...part of me says yes but the other part says "leave him in his tomb!"...what do you think? I mean really, the sarcophagus is so nice and bulky...when you open it you find a skinny dried up body....really, go look at the photos attached to this news article.

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Jo said...

I love King Tut but whenever they find a new tomb it always leaves me feeling icky. It's grave robbing plain and simple yet because they are so old it's considered okay. I wouldn't want someone digging up MY loved ones centuries from now you know?

How are you guys studying Tut? Have your people contact my people k? (aka email me girl! lol)