Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Pencil Smells Yummy!

We received a neat package in the mail this morning! It was from and it contained three different products to try out and review. Now these were not just your plain ol’ average products, these were completely fun and cool products! We had a blast with the Insta Snow Fake Snow Powder and the Color Flames Colored Candles were fascinating. I mean really, have you ever seen colored flames?? Neato mosquito! Here’s a quick video of the Insta Snow:

We also got a third product which just may be my favorite. Those of you that know me well know that I am kind of picky about my pens and pencils. When I saw the Smencils Scented Gourmet Pencil, I was pretty certain I would not like it. Well, folks, I was pleasantly surprised by this neat grape scented pencil made of recycled newspapers! It’s a #2 pencil that writes and sharpens just like a regular pencil. You purchase these pencils in a set of 10…all with different scents! What a neat idea for pencils, don’t you think?

Now, of course, there are other neat items you can purchase at the store. You will find a Sun Jar, a Talking Photo Album and even a Banana Bunker to keep your bananas from bruising....and these are just a few of the incredibly cool things you can buy there.

I’m just tickled that they accept PayPal….I must just splurge on myself and buy those scented pencils…..

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