Monday, December 17, 2007

Solar Lighting

There is a house on our street that I always envy. It's just a plain ol' house like the rest of them, but it has those spotlights aimed at it and it looks so lovely and inviting. To make myself feel better I've been focusing on how much energy those spotlights are eating and how expensive they probably are to maintain. Ha! There is always a price for beauty, right!?

Well, maybe not since I've just read about these solar spotlights! Gee whiz...sometimes I feel like I know nothing since solar lighting has been around for awhile. Really, it doesn't take a lot to amaze me! Apparently, I'm living a few years behind everyone else! lol!!

Anyway, I'm going to check this out this spring when we're getting our yard cleaned back up. Or maybe I'll look into them sooner since it's so stinkin' warm around here right now...where's the snow!! Sheesh!

I also like these lanterns but I'm not sure where we would use them.....

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