Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A Room For the Holiday

I know a lot of you who are traveling have probably already made your plans, but if you haven’t, you might want to check out HotelReservations.com. Not only can you find hotel rooms and rates, but you can also check rates on flights and car rentals.

I just checked Hotel Reservations for Gatlinburg, TN and I got a nice range of rooms and rates. Of course, where I want to stay (the Lodge at Buckberry Creek) is way out of our budget so we’ll have to reserve a room at a regular ol’ hotel. That’s fine though…just getting away on a mini-trip is nice! Besides, in our family, plans change all the time so who knows what we’re really doing this Christmas! Lol!

*This post is helping buy a laptop for Up the Hill Academy!*

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