Monday, December 17, 2007


Fun, fun, fun!!! I've been over at Make-a-Flake making snowflakes instead of doing laundry! Really, it's much more fun than housecleaning and maybe I can figure out how to print them out and hang them from the ceiling. Wait...maybe not a good idea because that would just give the dust another surface to land on....hmmm....and these flakes turn out blue when you save them anyway. Anybody know how to make these snowflakes white??

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Leena said...

I did those when I was a kid (and when my children were small). Just take a white paper, fold it and cut randomly. When you unfold it, it's a snowflake. And the best place for them is the window :)
I tried the program, but was not very good with that. The scissors mostly cut much bigger pieces than I wanted them to.