Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Nice to Make New Friends!

Lately, I've been visiting Leena's blog, Conceptis Addict. I can't believe I actually have been sucked into a blog written by a gal who says that she loves math! I loathe math....but love Leena's blog! lol!! Maybe, just maybe, she will convert me and convince me to try out one of those Conceptis puzzles...oh my goodness...did I just say that??!! Ack! Well...I do think it's a good idea to exercise our brains...

Thank you for this friendship badge, Leena! I'm glad we're friends...even if you do like math! lol!

I'd like to share this with the following!

  • Sonya over at My Thousand Loves because she loves me even when I have a hard biscuit behind my tv!
  • Momma over at Momma's Mind Sweep because she was brave and became my friend at time when most people were afraid to be my friend! (Momma and I became friends right after my son Gus had died)
  • Donna over at My Nesting Place because she is just so incredibly nice and I hope that by giving her this friendship badge that she will pick my name in one of her awesome giveaways! lol!


Nesting Momma said...

Oh, I needed some love today.LOL THANK YOU and about the math...well my daughter loves math. Me that's another story but i'm willing to change hehe
I will ck out her blog as well!!

Sonya said...

Well now I have to go visit Leena because you know I'm all about math!

Thank you my friend. And I would love ya even if you had a dead rodent behind your tv! LOL! (But biscuits are preferred....or pizza rolls).

Leena said...

Thank you for your kind words! Believe me, you don't loathe math, you are just suffering from math anxiety :)
And the puzzles are not math...

Tammy said...

Congratulations on the award! It feels great to be appreciated doesn't it. Have a great day!