Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Need an Elf to Interview

Oh wow! I had no earthly idea that elves don’t enjoy being tossed around until I saw this video. I mean, thank goodness for YouTube, ya know? Lol

Apparently, there was an elf prank call to American Greetings that brought all this to light. People say it was a prank call, but I really think that this elf is real….and he is certainly not enjoying all the mistreatment! Come on folks, he’s an elf…sheesh…he makes your toys and helps Santa load the sleigh and all. Give the elves a break…and I don’t mean you should toss them around until you break their arms or legs! Not that kind of break…gee whiz!

Want to know how this all started?? Check out this fun winter elf tossing game ecard where an elf is tossed over the frozen pond. Seriously, he looks happy and all so I can understand why people would think that all elves liked to be tossed. Maybe some do, but the one in the video doesn’t….or maybe, the elf in the video has issues and maybe elves really do like to be tossed….how in the world will we ever know? Anyone know an elf to interview???

*All this poking fun at elves is helping buy a laptop for Up the Hill Academy!*

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Sonya said...

LOL! You go girl! Get that laptop! And toss some elves while you're at it!