Saturday, December 8, 2007

Hippie Barista...Gone!

Did I ever tell you all that our favorite hippie barista has moved on and is no longer making great coffee for Smokey Mountain Java?? I didn’t even get a photo of him to show you…I’m very disappointed! In fact, we’ve started going to Powers Coffee now because we just can’t go back to SMJ and have our coffee handed to us by someone else..*sigh*.

Maybe it’s time for Pete and I to get our own Rancilio Silvia cappuccino and espresso machine and jump into the coffee business. Of course, I’d have to have all pink barista tools to make really great coffee, right?

This whole plan sounds much better than hitting the road with the “Carnies” and selling funnel cakes! What say you, Pete…can we change our plans??


AscenderRisesAbove said...

did you get the coffee pot???? i will have one with extra cream, please

James Smith said...

Please remove the link to 1st in Coffee found here: