Saturday, December 8, 2007

Posh Condos

Beach House...future construction in Miami

I have never quite understood why people who are older want to move to smaller homes. I know that a lot of the reason is because the space is smaller and the lawn maintenance is not so much, but I think I would want to live in a regular size house so my family could come and visit.

However, after seeing these condos for sale I may just have to change my mind because these places are so posh and I would have access to a pool plus much more!

So forget it, children and future grandchildren! Your Dad and I are going to be checking out these nifty condos when we’re ready to move! Of course, you can still come and visit us…we’ll even take you down to the pool! Lol!!

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arrielle_p said...

That is a stunning condominium building. Can you post some interior shots of this? Thanks!

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