Saturday, March 15, 2008

Worms, Truck Racks and Chalk

There’s not a lot that makes me nervous. I do, however, have several things that just make my skin crawl! For example, worms. I hate worms. I know they won’t hurt me but they wiggle and that makes me cringe. I know, I’m strange.

Another thing that makes me nervous, and this is even more strange, are those trucks that transport big panes of glass. I see those panes of glass strapped onto those truck racks and all I can think about is them falling off the racks and onto my car…or God forbid, on me or the kiddos as I’m getting out of the car…ack! Now, really, I know this is highly improbable, but I’ve got myself an active imagination and that’s just where it wanders! Lol!!

I also can’t handle chalk. I don’t care if someone else writes with chalk on the chalk board, but if I have to use it, I will probably decline…someone else will have to write for me! That’s why I love dry erase boards so much and it’s also why you will never see me outside with my kids doing the sidewalk chalk thing…I’ll just watch from the window, thank you very much!


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