Saturday, March 15, 2008

Choosing a College

So, do you think it’s better to go to a university that offers a lot of different degrees or one that specializes in a certain field? I attended one of those big universities and feel like I got a good education. I do however think that the more specialized schools just may have more to offer. I would think there would be more hands-on opportunities and chances to be out in the workforce using the skill you are learning. I guess, in all honesty, there are pros and cons to both situations, right?

A good place to start looking at colleges…which will be soon for us! to read the US News Best Colleges Report for 2008. They have different categories for the colleges and within those categories, the colleges are ranked. For example, there is a category for mechanical engineering and the top college in that category is Kettering University. In fact, Kettering University has been ranked number one for several years!

Speaking of Kettering University, have you seen the Stickman videos? They are very clever and funny! My favorite is one where Stickman is answering mail from some of his fans. I’ve embedded it here so you can see it too. Neat!

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