Saturday, March 15, 2008

Two Faces

Have you seen the little baby girl with two faces? She was born recently in India and is being worshipped by the people in her village. They think she is a reincarnated god.

I would love to hear what Dr. Manny says about this but I can't get the stinkin' player to work...bleh. Hopefully I can find more information out there...something tells me that I won't have a problem. It's things like this that really fascinate included. I'm curious about how it happened and how the little girl is going to live with this...or if there is even something that can be done medically. I also am curious about the parents and how they feel about this...seeing that she is being worshipped, it makes sense that her parents are not devastated by this like they would be if they lived in another part of the world.

Regardless, she has those sweet little baby precious!

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Jen said...

I saw her on the news the other night, but only briefly. They had her story on around the world in a minute. I'm glad you linked to it here as I was curious, but forgot about it already (it's only been 2 days, SHEESH, I have the worst memory). Anyways, thanks for the link!. I've also seen a lil boy over there with a 'tail' who is also worshipped. I'm glad they worship them as gods rather than forsaking them.