Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lifesaver Cats?

So, it looks like owning a cat could help you stay healthy! That's wonderful news for all of you cat-lovers out there, isn't it?! Well....I have another take on this whole thing.

You see, we once had a Siamese cat named Gator...Gator would hang on my back anytime I sat down. He would just hang paw on one shoulder and the other paw on my other shoulder...completely drove me nuts! I know that to some of you that sounds so sweet...but it wasn't. I say "wasn't" because Gator is gone....dead...outta here! Seriously, I think having this cat around made my mental state decline sharply. I mean, come on...who really wants a cat hanging on their back all the time...not me!

Gator jumped out of my arms when I was taking him to the vet...what?...don't look at me that way...I had no idea I was supposed to put him in a carrier...sheesh. He ran away and we never saw him again. I felt bad for like...a second and then I rejoiced because I knew my back was my own again.

Gator originally belonged to Pete's sister and when she died, he came to live with us. My SIL's husband wanted to keep him but was not able to do so. The Christmas after Gator left us, he received a Christmas card in the mail from my BIL....the stinkin' cat got a Christmas card and we got nothing...not even a little note in Gator's card. Well, actually we did get something out of all of it...a good laugh!

Sorry if I offended anyone, but I'm just not a cat person and I really don't think owning one again would help me lead a healthier life at all! lol!!

ps...that's not Gator at the top of the post. I could never take a photo of him since he was always on my back...sigh. Photo source: Assets of Life


Jen said...

LOL! This seriously CRACKED ME UP!! Hilarious! I'm glad, for your sake, Gator ran away. What a hilarious name for a cat!!!

Nissa said...

hahaha That was too funny! I really am a cat person, but I could understand your point! Especially since you didn't want the cat, it was just thrust upon you.

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Anonymous said...

I am going to make sure my cats go to a cat person when I die.
To Do List:
1. Make a will.
2. Make sure cats go to cat person.
3. Add Jenny to Christmas card list.

Sonya said...

I am totally offended because now I know how you feel when you come to my house. You hate my four cats. I can't even believe you! Sheesh! I'm not sure I can even look at you again!