Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pete Speaks

We love our house. We spent alot of time riding around with a broker looking at various houses in different locations. The agent must have really needed the sale he was pushing hard but he made a critical error. He forgot Jenny's name and just kept calling her little Mama, like he was Elvis " Hey little Mama check out the room in these kitchen cabinets" or "Hey little Mama can you see yourself vacuuming up this room" (I guess he was kind of sexist also).

Anyway we got our house because my mother ran into the current owner in the grocery store and "visited" with her. This was in the days before the internet was in every home and we went through a local bank as our mortgage lender.

Today the internet can put us in contact with mortgage lenders all over the country and rates are alot more competitive. When we get the kids out we are going to sell this place and get a boat house in the islands, is there a mortgage lender for marine life?

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Jen said...

LOL, Hey little Mama! That's hilarious! I can't believe it he'd call you that. Wow, that cracks me up!