Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seven Things That Make My Eyes Glaze Over

There are a lot of things in life that I love. Sonic's Strawberry Cream Slush, the Virgin Islands, Jimmy Buffet, clean socks....the list could go on and on! However, there are a few things that just make my eyes glaze over and leave me feeling like my brain is going to explode. These aren't bad things at all...just things I don't understand!

  1. Car Stuff....When someone says "torque" that's my signal to start glazing over.
  2. CSS, HTML coding....Just ask Sonya about this one because she has heard me moan and groan over this stuff far too often. I just don't get it!
  3. Techy Hardware...Routers, CAT5e, Modems....all that stuff fries my brain and I'm glad I've got people to just take care of it all!
  4. Car Shopping with Pete....Pete takes way too long to buy a car. Seriously, just buy the thing! Sheesh-a-moley is it really that big of a decision?? Lol!!
  5. Trigonometry...Yes, I am already looking for a tutor to teach Nik. I won't even attempt it!
  6. Naruto...This whole Naruto thing is just slightly ahead of Pokemon on the "glaze my eyes over" chart.
  7. CandyLand....Well, this game and Chutes and Ladders almost make me go into my "shutdown" mode. Yes, I probably need therapy!
What makes YOUR eyes glaze over??


Pam said...

Wow we have alot in common. Another thing that glazes me over is Pokemon. Oh my gosh my kids get into talking about them and I am instantly gone.

Andy also likes to ramble about things that he has done, like going over a home run he hit in softball at least 80 times in 1 hour. After the first time I go into la la land.

But the second you mention Gymboree or Old Navy, or the Children's Place, or Bath and Bodyworks.....You have my attention!! ;)

Jen said...

LOL! For someone who doesn't get HTML coding, your blogs are freaking awesome!!! I loved this post! As always, you make me smile!

Celene said...

Wrestling! Yep, wrestling does it for me. zzzzzzzzzz.....
God Bless, Celene