Friday, March 7, 2008

Seriously Bad Hair Day!

Did you all hear about the lady who was shot by her hairstylist after complaining about her hair?? Can you imagine?? First, you get a hair cut you hate and then you get shot in the back!! Now, that's sooooo much more than a bad hair day, ya know! lol!!

The gal who was shot is going to be ok, but I'm not sure about the hairdresser...I mean really, her days as a hairdresser have got to be over, right?!

Btw, I recently got my hair trimmed and I love it....(just in case my hairdresser is reading! lol!)


Jen said...

I had this exact picture hanging on my wall growing up! It was titled "Bad hair day" I didn't hear about this story, that is totally jacked up!! I'm glad you like your new haircut! It's good to see you posting again! It's been awhile :)

Margaret said...

I'm sure they'll rehabilitate her in prison. They probably need hairdressers there too, you know.

Gorgeous said...

This is a funny photo..But If I was the cat, I guess ill be grumpy! haha!

Momo Fali said...

Hmmmm...I've had a few hairdressers I felt like hurting pretty bad, but I wouldn't ever shoot them! And, I'll be sure NOT to complain next time I get highlights.