Saturday, March 8, 2008

St. John Backpack

A few years ago, Pete earned a company trip to St. John. Each night, when we would return to our room, we would find very nice gifts from the company. All the gifts were wonderful, but I think my most favorite was the backpack with the huge beach towels. These backpacks had a gazillion compartments and a small cooler on the very bottom. At the end of the trip, the extra gifts were given away to whoever wanted them. We were able to get three more bags so that all of us had one! Neat!!

Of course, all of our gifts were actually imprinted promotional products and that was fine with us because they were so neat and fun to use. Besides, it makes sense to advertise for the company so that more money can be made so that more incredible trips can be given to the employees! Lol!!

I like this neat picnic set!! I would have probably passed out if we had gotten this! Lol!!


Jackie said...

Thanks for stopping by.

Yes that picnic set looks wonderful. Everything you need and very portable.

Sonya said...

Love that bag! Want one!