Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Etsy for Autism

I just realized that I had not shared this info here yet! My friend, Betty Refour, left a comment her a few days ago letting me know about a new blog that has been started by Etsy artist who are trying to encourage awareness of autism. The blog is titled Etsy for Autism and it features the different artists who are part of the group. Of course, there is a blogroll in the sidebar listing all of the group members...the link takes you to their Etsy stores where you can purchase their handmade items. When you do so, a portion of your money will be set aside to help with autism awareness. I love this idea and I think it's very giving of these artists to do such a thing!

Here is a piece created by Betty's sister, Rose who is an autistic adult. Betty has been a wonderful advocate for Rose and has made sure that art supplies are readily available! You can purchase this piece here.


Betty Refour said...

thanks for helping spread the word.

Crochet n Pray said...

It's wonderful that you are helping spread the word! Thanks!