Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time For Some Wine

I caught a segment on inexpensive wines this morning on the CBS Early Show. We don’t drink a lot of wine even though we like it. I think we just forget about it! Lol!! Anyway, after seeing that segment I think we need to try one of these wines I heard about.

Of course, I think I would like to actually try drinking this wine in glasses made for wine…instead of our everyday glass tumblers! Lol!! I know, I know, drinking wine from tumblers is soooo redneck isn’t it?? I think I can get wine glasses at Walmart, but seriously, Riedel glasses would be so much nicer. Besides, I’m worth it right?! Lol!!

My current favorite wine is Lambrusco which is not one they mentioned this morning. I’d love to hear some more suggestions. I like the wines that are sweet rather than dry. Is there a term for that?? I’m such a wine nerd! Lol!!


Stacey @Real World Mom said...

I'm a wine nerd too. Absolutely no clue here! I prefer slightly sweet rather than dry. And that's about all I know!

Monique said...

I don't know anything about wine either, but I know when I find one I like, I stick with it.

Sonya said...

You do deserve nice glasses and these are beautiful! Redneck, what's that? LOL! We're not rednecks, we're hicks! Sheesh!

Mark said...

Lambrusco's a bit too sweet for my tastes these days but if you like that you might enjoy Reisling. From there you could move to Frascati or any Pinot Grigio. Then White Zinfandel. Then you can advance to the red variety - Primitivo - and once you've got the taste for Primitivo it opens up Tempranillo, Chiantis, and Riojas for a nice full-bodied slurpfest.

And if you can do that all in the same night then so much the better.

Ellen said...

Hi Jenny:
I love wine but had to stop drinking it last year because I have a tendency to drink way to much in one sitting :). When I use to drink it in moderation, my favorite was St Genevieve Cabernet Sauvignon. It is a red wine and I had to "acquire" the taste for it. Also red wine is good for the body in that it helps prevent heart disease.
When I first started drinking wine I started out on the zinfindel wines, then I worked my way up to the reds. My favorites now are the reds. When I bought my wine I paid $7.00 for a large bottle at Sams or Walmart and I thought that was a deal. Years ago I took a wine tasting class and it was a blast and very educational. I miss my wine but I don't miss how I felt afterwards.
By the way, I love your blog and your header is just too cute. I try to drop on it daily.

MrsMoney said...

Hi Jenny! Thanks for your comment. It was a great experience making my own laundry detergent and I'll definitely do it again. :) Thanks for stopping by!!

Pajama Mommy said...

we are a non-alcohol family so its always interesting to see wine sometimes i wish i could be that person in the commercial drinking wine but then i take a sip of some at a friends house and its like ew.

Jenny said...

I like wine but I'm not like...a real wine drinker. I think I only drink it like once a year on xmas.

Anonymous said...

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