Friday, February 1, 2008


I do not wear a lot of jewelry. I would like to, but I never seem to remember to put it on! Lol! Necklaces are probably my least favorite piece of jewelry….unless the necklaces are longer and have a funky or unique pendant. I love the look of the chokers, but when I wear them I feel like I am ..well…like I am choking! Lol!

Earrings are the hardest for me to remember to put on. Sometimes I think I should just buy a good pair that I can keep in all the time. Pete has bought me several nice pairs throughout our years together, but little hands digging in the “treasures” of my jewelry box have led to those earrings being lost.

For some reason, I am able to drop bracelets on my wrists though. I have some that are funky and some that are classic. I have one that has little charms that represent the verses of Proverbs 31…that one is neat! I have a silver bangle, but no gold bangle yet. I do like this one though…and Valentine’s Day IS just around the corner….hint, hint Kid Dynamite!


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