Sunday, February 10, 2008


I have often wondered why we still need to use so much paper these days. Since we have the internet and can exchange information much quicker, why is it necessary to have “hard copies” of documents and other important papers. Would it not make more sense to store these types of documents? It would cut down on the need to manufacture paper and would create less garbage. Of course, I’m just talking about all the important documents here, not the hand-written letter! Those are still important and I think paper instead of e-mail should be used when possible…it’s just nicer!

With that being said, I love when I can esign something instead of having to find a fax machine to receive the document…sign it..and then turn around and fax it back. I swear, things like that make me want to stick a fork in my eye! It’s so much easier to just take care of all the signing on the internet or through e-mail. Being able to use an esignature frees up my time and allows me to take care of business without rounding all the kids up and piling them into the van to run out to the copy center to use the fax machine.

I would think that businesses would be jumping at the opportunity to use an esignature service. It just seems like it would stream line business and make it run more efficiently. At Middlepost, businesses can collaborate and store documents forseven years and use the esignature service. Right now Middlepost is offering a “test drive” of their services. If you are a business owner, you should give it a try. Like I said, sounds like a good idea!

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Ahna said...

Every week I clean our home office and can fill a big trash bag with unless multiple copies and junk mail.
All this waisted paper can drive you mad.

Sonya said...

Save the trees. Use esignatures!

Jen said...

Jenny, I have an well-deserved award for you over at my blog! Enjoy! :)

Jay Arrowood said...

Thank you for writing this post. Esignatures are like many other technologies; they are slow to catch on.

We've gone from stone, to wax stamps, to pen and paper, and now electronic signatures.

Our company, ConXPoint, also provides a doc storage/ collaboration suite with an advanced e-signature tool that enables witnesses and hosted signatures. These are primarily used by professional firms such as law firms and CPA firms that do your taxes.

Nonetheless, we're with you and hope pen, paper and fax become the way of the past.

bokjae said...

Yes I agree with you on doing away with papers! I guess people are slow to make changes! Perhaps there are still many things which require hard copies still! Give it another 10 years? hahaha!