Saturday, February 9, 2008

Reclaiming Some Space

I want some shelving units with doors…would those be called shelving unit? I have no idea, but I want them…no, I need them!

I am trying to reclaim our schoolroom/living room/dining room and I need some new furniture. Shoot, I’ll take used furniture if it will meet my needs. I want all my fabric stash to be behind doors so that when I want to be all crafty, I can open up the doors and voila….it’s all there colored coded and organized. I want to cover all this up because I want a sleeker look in the living room.

I’m not completely sure of what I’m even wanting. It’s one of those things that I’ll “know it when I see it”. I really have no idea where to start to look: Lowe’s, directbuy, local furniture store, flea market?? The only think I am certain about is that I want it yesterday! Lol!! The clutter is driving me nuts!

Have any suggestions?

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J. said...

I just turned a cabinet from Lowes into a pantry for our mudroom. They're in the home organization section by the closet shelving and garage shelving. We painted ours the same color as the walls and it made it not stand out so much. I looked everywhere and this eemed to be the least-expensive solution for me. We had to have a few more shelves made, but it was worth it.