Saturday, June 21, 2008


Did you hear about the medical flight pilot who was arrested for being drunk...right before he was to fly someone to a treatment center?? Things like this just make me livid. As if this couple didn't have enough going on, here this fellow comes along and thinks he's ok to fly them to their destination. He knew he was going to be flying.....he should not have even had one drink. Seriously, this was extreme poor judgement on the pilots part and all he did was put even more stress on this couple and get himself in trouble...sheesh...dirtbag.

I'm not in a nice mood today....

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micasue said...

I finally started a new blog. Stephen used to make Hamburger Helper all the time, but I got him to finally stop, but I cannot handle hot tuna.
And I got spider bitten (by a run o the mill spidey) about a month ago, and I got super staph and had to have an IV and Vicodin.
Take Care!