Thursday, June 12, 2008

Impending Disaster

Earlier today, I was watching It Could Happen Tomorrow on the Weather Channel. The episode I saw was about a Cat 3 hurricane hitting New York City and the damage the storm surge would cause. Uh...can I just say, if I were living there, I would quickly hire a New York Moving Company and move myself more inland!! Sheesh-a-moley! That was some pretty scary tv...much more scarier than Jerry Springer!

I know these shows really try to play on our fears and that a lot of times their scenarios are exaggerated. They do make me stop and wonder about how prepared my family is for emergencies and disasters. What kind of things do you do to be prepared...


Condo Blues said...

In my state we have tornados not hurricanes. In the far off chance that we would actually have enough warning to bug out before a pending weather situation, we prioritzed what we would take if we could. 1. clothing, dog stuff (and dog), home & financial records 2. our CPUs 3. family historical records & artificats.

Carlota said...

weather been so crazy lately. we had a bad one last Sunday up until now still over 100's of thousands of people still don't have the power.

all the most important belongings would be our priority.

bokjae said...

Yes jenny, better to be prepared! Weather world wide has gone crazy!!! Everything seems to be more and more severe!

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Matthew S. Urdan said...

I wouldn't worry about it too much. If everything that was "impending" as shown on TV happened, we'd all have been dead long ago:

--The Yellowstone Super Volcano
--The Oregon Coastal Landslide Tsunami
--Mt. Ranier blowing it's top
--The Canary Islands Landslide East Coast 1000 foot Tsunami
--The Near Earth Asteroid Impact
--The Big One
--Ozone Layer Gone
--Earth's Magnetic Pole Shift
--the New Madrid Earthquake
--Destruction of Earth's Magnetosphere
--Solar storm

etc, etc, etc....

I'm not discounting all these things. I know they're going to happen at some point as they have happened before. The science is sound.

But you can't live your life worrying about these events. You have to live your life the way you want to live your life and not let external events such as these interfere with them. They are on such a huge scale that there's nothing any of us can do to prevent them.

For hurricanes and tornados you can take precautions, get supplies, make correct choices about where you want to live or how to build your house. But for Super Volcanoes and Asteroid Impacts and the Rogue Hurricane that hits NYC there's nothing we can do. They are so rare that when they happen, they will be catastrophic. And for those kind of events, you can't prepare for them, unless you're Bill Gates, have a billion dollars, and can afford build a bunker 2 miles beneath the Rocky Mountains and stock it with food and water and air to last a decade.

Other than that, the best way to be prepared is to keep a weather radio handy, lots of batteries--always make sure they are current and have charge, keep a week's worth of dried and canned food and bottled water around--always rotate the food so it's always fresh and unexpired. First in-first out, but maintain that supply base--anywhere you live you can be subject to an emergency--power outage, snow storm, water main break...and these are much more likely situations that we will face at some point. It might be a good idea to have a generator around as well if you need to keep stuff refrigerated--such as incillin or other medical supplies.

Always make sure you've got a decenet first aid kit or stock of first aid supplies at home: anything your office keeps handy for OSHA compliance is something you should have in your home: the usual Gauze, anti-biotic ointment, bandages, etc.

But you also want to have a 30 day supply of benadryl, an unexpired epi-pin, asthma inhalers and 30 days supply of any prescription medication you are on, etc.

Shows on television "educating" us about impending disasters are interesting, and make for great television, but other than raising awareness, as you did, about what we need to do to be prepared for everyday emergencies, they're really not good for much else.

Nice post, Jenny. I hope you get a lot of comments.

Tatum Tot said...

Yikes! I don't like TV it's too loud so I bark at it! But I don't want any big storms like that, what would happen to all the animals? :(

EE said...

I am considering moving to NY, do you think I should find a place far from shore? Where would you recommend?

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