Monday, June 2, 2008

A Bazillion Pockets

Most of you all know that I’ve been saving up for a laptop. I had saved up quite a bit, but then our van croaked and we had to buy a new (new to us!) van so a there went my savings. It looks like, however, that I will have some school loan money left over after paying tuition so I might just be able to buy that laptop after all!

As I’ve been looking at laptops, I’ve also been checking out all those laptop bags that are available. I thought I would make my own but decided against it because I was afraid it would not be sturdy enough. In my mind’s eye, I kept on seeing me toting my handmade bag into Starbuck’s and seeing the handles rip off and my laptop hitting the floor! Seriously, I can quilt up a storm, but when it comes to making things like bags (and clothes), I am horrible…no skills whatsoever!

Now, there really are tons of different laptop bags out there and I am drawn to the ones that are pink. I do, however, think it would be much wiser for me to actually consider a bag not just for its color but rather for how well it would protect my laptop. This Skooba® RoadWired Skooba Computer Satchel 2.0(which is on sale right now!) looks like exactly what I need and if they made one with a splash of pink where the blue is then I would be set!!

The Skooba® bag has a bazillion little pockets which I think is great! There is a place for your cell phone, water bottle, tickets, magazines…really there is a place for everything! A great feature about this bag is the patented Air Pocket system which acts as a shock absorber and protects the laptop. I can see me needing this feature!

This bag retails for $100.00, but right now it’s on sale for $49.99 with FREE shipping!!I’m very tempted folks…very tempted!!Would it be bad to buy my bag before I actually bought my laptop??Wait…if I bought the bag then I would HAVE to buy a laptop, right?!

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Pink Sony Vaio said...

You can get a pink laptop case, but you can do one better than that! Get a pink laptop! :)