Monday, June 23, 2008


First of Martha Stewart really 66 years old?? I'm in shock! Not that 66 is so terribly old, but I had her in her the fifties...sheesh!

Second, did you hear that she has been banned from Britain? Apparently, she's not allowed into the country because of her 2004 conviction. Sheesh...come on...I understand wanting to keep the "bad people" out, and yes, a crime is a crime, but come on. I think I've just written a sentence bursting with grammatical errors...and it feels good! lol!! What do YOU think (about Martha being banned...not my sentence)???

Oh and by the way, thanks to Sykos Masters for his hilarious comment: "Oh dear ... this is not a Good Thing ® ....". Yes, folks, I spewed tea out my nose when I read that...absolutely hilarious!!

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