Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beware the Mattresses!

Ok, folks...this news story has my skin completely crawling. Seriously, this would kill me...dead...right there on the spot...I would croak!

Imagine you are a mom going in to check on your crying baby and when you pick your child up.....a snake falls off her leg!!! ACK!!! Horror of all horrors....I would be in such a panic and I would probably need therapy for years to come. Yes, folks...I'm that afraid of snakes!

The mom and her child were visiting from out of town. It's thought that the snake may have been in a mattress that was recently purchased by her parents. I've recently seen on Dateline (or some similar show, can't remember) a story about refurbished mattresses being contaminated with all sorts of stuff. I think it's awful that mattresses are resold when they are in such condition....and I certainly am offended to find out that these awful mattresses may contain snakes too! lol!! Ack!

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Jen said...

I watched that Dateline too, but this is just horrid! I would've freaked out and I'm not scared of snakes. But, to think it was in a crib with my baby tightly wrapped around his leg. AHHHHH!