Monday, June 23, 2008

Pollo Loco!

I am soooo excited!! Pete is going to cook dinner tonight and he’s fixing Pollo Loco!! WooHoo!!

First of all, I’m thrilled that he’s going to cook because 1) I had an A & P test today and my mind is mush, and 2) he’s a much better cook than I am. Seriously, we can both make the exact same dish and his is so much tastier than mine. Tonight he is trying a new recipes and I’m sure it will be wonderful. I’ll probably eat way too much and end up needing lap band surgery or I’ll have to start taking generic Phentermine to drop the weight I’ve gained because of my awesome husband, the cook!! Lol!!

No, seriously, I’m going to try hard not to over eat. It’s been a taxing day though so I can’t make any promises. I’ll see if I can get him to share his recipe….

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