Friday, May 23, 2008

Off With Their Heads!

Pete and I love to watch the Tudors weekly episodes early through On Demand. This afternoon, we watched quite a few beheadings and I will have to say that they were quite graphic. We're talking about serious cringing, folks! lol!! I think we both sat there with our shoulders pushed up to our ears every time someone was getting the axe!! I'm still amazed that people came out to see others is so extremely gross. I know it was a normal thing to do, but seriously, weren't people bothered at all???

I can't wait for next week's episode....Anne's turn. It stinks to be the Queen....


Acne Treatment said...

It is a good drama series.

Brittany E. said...

The Tudors is my all time fave show! I catch it every week, and can't wait till next week. Its weird how in the beginning you hate Anne and by the end you feel bad for her. Good TV. Plus I've always loved English History. I'm a dork :)

aa said...