Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hearing the "Cool" Music

Just a few months ago, Jake won a contest at our church. The contest was centered around giving the youth group a new name and new logo. The person who submitted the best name and logo won either a gift certificate or an iPod. Jake was thrilled to find out that he had won! Nik, on the other hand, was not too thrilled because he had actually given Jake the idea that had won. After much family discussion, both boys decided to choose the iPod and share it. In all honesty, I don’t know exactly how it all was worked out because, at some point in the discussions, my eyes glazed over and that’s when Pete stepped in to oversee the “deal-making” session. I believe that Jake ended up selling the iPod to Nik…at a huge discount! Just as long as it was all worked out fairly, I’m ok.

Now that we have an iPod in our home, Nik is always trying to get me to listen to a “cool” song…”You’ve just got to hear this one, Mom…you’d like it!” Seriously, I may like it, but he offers me only one earphone and I HATE to listen to music that way!! It completely drives me nuts! I also don’t have the time to stop and put both earphones on and listen to “cool” songs a bazillion times a day. I know, I know, I’m a horrible mom but I’m just trying to be real here, folks!

So, it is for this very reason that I am going to suggest that Nik purchase this iHome iH80 iPod Speaker System so we can all enjoy the “cool” songs together and we can all be one happy family because I’m not having to deal with the little earphones!!

Right now this speaker system is on sale at for $36.99 plus the shipping is FREE!! Seriously, I really do think that I can talk Nik into buying this speaker system and if he won’t budge, I can probably make the purchase myself….but don’t tell Nik that!!

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