Sunday, May 11, 2008

Anegada: The Drowned Island

I had planned on making this whole Islands A-Z series only one post per island, but I'm finding that there is just too much interesting things to write about and I think one long post would be a snoozefest! So this week, I'll probably write several different posts about the island I've chosen to cyber-tour. Next week may be different though. I'll just adopt the island way of life and be "laid-back" about the whole thing!

map courtesy of Pusser's

I'm starting my island cyber-tour by visiting Anegada, B.V.I. (British Virgin Islands). This neat little island is the northernmost island of the B.V.I and is only 10 miles long by 2.5 miles wide. The island's name comes from the fact that the island is flat and only 30 feet above sea level....Anegada is loosely translated as meaning "drowned island". While all the other B.V.I. were created by volcanoes, Anegada is more like a coral atoll and is almost completely surrounded by the 18 mile long Horseshoe Reef. Of course, anytime you have a reef that large you also have a lot of shipwrecks which make this island a great place to snorkel and scuba dive!

I've divided the island into areas. Our first stop is Loblolly Bay where we find a lovely beach and lots of seagrape trees and bay lavender. Serving all of us on the beach are two bars: Big Bamboo and Flash of Beauty. Snorkeling in this area is great!

photo courtesy of Bareboats BVI

We next head on over to Cow Wreck Beach, because we all know that one beach a day is not enough, right? Like, Loblolly Bay, this beach is ocean side and is just as lovely.

photo courtesy of Cow Wreck Beach Resort

This beach is famous for all the cow bones that washed ashore from a wrecked ship. Uh, ok...can you imagine the people who discovered all of these cow bones on the beach! lol!! Sheesh-a-moley!!

Next we're heading into town which is called The Settlement.

photo courtesy of The Ocean Adventure

This is where the local Anegadans live and here you'll find two grocery stores, a general store, police office, post office, a hotel, a bar, two restaurants and even a library!! The island residents don't carry wallets because all business is done under the "honor system"! That really is laid back!

After checking out The Settlement we'll travel over to The "Outback" We'll know we've hit that area when we start to see mud puddles...these won't be the typical mud puddles though because they will be chalky white. Remember, Anegada is a coral island!

In The "Outback" we'll see a lot of interesting plants which I'll be posting about tomorrow. Just a hint'll see a lot of gumbo limbo and frangipani!

Well, that's a start, folks! There's much, much more to discover about Anegada so check back through the week. I plan on posting about the different animals, restaurants/shops, activities, shipwrecks and accommodations found on Anegada. I hope you'll join me!!

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