Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Critters of Anegada

This is post #3 of the Anegada Series. Read more about Anegada here and here.

Anegada has large salt ponds where several different types of aquatic birds hang out. The most common is the Roseate Flamingo. At one time there were hundreds of flamingos on Anegada, but they were hunted and became extinct. Fortunately, they were successfully reintroduced back on the island in 1992. These birds are shy but noisy. Their coloring is a result of their shrimp brine diet. Isn't that neat?

photo: The Conservation Agency

The critically endangered 6 foot long Anegada Rock Iguana can also be found on the island. Currently there is a program underway to bring this lizard out of endangerment. Over the years, feral livestock have been trampling the iguana nests and feral dogs and cats have been eating the hatchlings. Hopefully, the program will help keep all the feral activity at bay and give the Anegada Rock Iguana a chance to thrive.

photo: Wikipedia

Sea Turtles and Hawkbill Turtles are also being conserved on Anegada.

Of course, there are a lot of different kinds of fish that can be found off of Anegada. One of the most common is the Bone Fish, also known by the locals as the "pit bull of the sea"! Apparently this fish is feisty!!

You can keep up with the conservation efforts for the Flamingos, Rock Iguanas and Sea Turtles that are underway by visiting the BVI National Parks Trust. Very neat...especially the flamingos! I would love to see a huge group of them on one of the salt ponds!


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dano said...

That is paradise!