Saturday, May 3, 2008

I Blame the Dust Ruffle!

I have a goal...I will clean out from under my bed and it will be spotless by the end of the day! I hate this job because I am always mortified by the amount of crap that has accumulated under there. I mean seriously, it's ridiculous...and I blame the dust ruffle.

See, here's my thoughts. If I did not have a dust ruffle on our bed, then we would be able to see the crap that is under there and would be more inclined to retrieve it all and put it away! And here's another thought, and this one is brilliant, I need a platform bed!! A platform bed would be easy to make up daily and we would not have the whole dust ruffle issue. All the different bedding options for platforms beds is huge right now so I'm sure I'd find just the right thing for us.

Great! I'm glad I've solved my "under the bed"problem! I'm going to add a platform bed to my list of things I want for our house!! Cool, cool, cool!!


:-) MaryLou said...

Just be careful with that platform bed... when you're stumbling toward your bed in the dark, it'll be easier to stub your toes.


berto said...
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berto said...
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Bedroom furniture said...

A new trend in bedroom furniture gaining a lot of popularity is that of platform beds. Many people ask what exactly is a platform bed? Platform beds are beds designed with a built in foundation used with just a mattress. They often sit lower to the ground that mattress/boxspring combination sets and the designs in platform beds are most often clean lines and construction in many styles that extend the sides of the bed all the way to the floor. Much of today's platform bed furniture comes with matching furniture like dressers, chests, nightstands and armoires. These pieces are made in the same wood or materials that the beds are made from and done in the exact same finishes offering a look that coordinates well from piece to piece. Many types of furniture are also available with contrasting looks where drawers and door fronts can be done in one color while the bed and outer cases can be done in a different color or finish. This modern trend in platform bed furniture offers a more contemporary look for consumers wanting something unique for their home decor.

Emi said...

Have you thought about using a box spring cover? I like those a lot better...I think it's a much cleaner look and the plus is that you can't pile stuff under your bed! I got mine at to match my bedding. I love it!