Monday, May 19, 2008

Green Boy Made Me Freak Out

The day we said goodbye to Green Boy was a very sad day indeed. Not only was I sad because I’m sentimental…you gals out there understand!...but Green Boy was our only means of transportation. We’ve been a “one car family” for awhile now so the croaking of GB put quite a stress on Pete and I. We immediately started looking around for a car, but since our schedule has been so tight, we didn’t really have the time we needed to be good shoppers. I started to get really worried and Pete was quick to remind me that we always had the option of a car rental. This eased my mind immensely! Lol!! I swear, sometimes I just don’t think about the obvious!

Anyway, we were able to find a minivan that was a great price so we bought it…well, we are now proud owners of a car loan….sigh. It’s been several years since we’ve had a car payment. It’s nice to have a reliable means of transportation, but it’s hard to turn over that big chunk of moolah every month. Oh, well, it’s a necessary thing, right?

If we had opted to rent a car, we would have checked into Advantage’s VANtastic savings to check the rates for minivans. We could have also opted for a car instead, but that would have been a little hard to fit my family. I guess we could’ve practiced our clown car routine! Lol!!

So, seriously folks, if you are like me and find yourself starting to freak out because your car has croaked and you’re not finding something to buy, then stop, think and remember that you can rent a car at Advantage. Easy Peasy!


Book Calendar said...

Because I am a bit of an environmental lunatic, there is a company called zipcar which rents by the hour or the day. It is kind of an odd company. It might be worth it for something temporary. They are growing pretty fast. I know it sounds experimental.

Sonya said...

Goodbye Green Boy! I'll miss you! Your replacement is a much nicer color and doesn't smell like stale biscuits!