Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Type of TV?

So what's the difference between plasma, LCD and DLP tvs? I was looking at tvs and seriously, I may have to add this whole subject to my list of "Things That Make My Eyes Glaze Over" because it is confusing to me. I know that the plasma tvs are supposed to be the best, right? Are the LCDs and DLPs pretty good though...I mean, we have a Phillips tv that is about a gazillion years old. I'm thinking that any new tv would be better, ya know?

Anyway, I do think it's neat that you can take a plasma or lcd mount and hang your tv in all sorts of different places! I really like how the tvs can be hung like artwork. I also like that hanging these tvs on the wall really frees up space. Very neat!

If you do know anything about these types of tvs, please explain...and use very easy words! lol!!

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