Monday, April 21, 2008


As Pete gets closer and closer to his graduation date, I can’t help but think about what kind of jewelry he will buy me! I mean really, it’s not been easy with him in school full time and working full time and I think I should be treated to something, right?! Lol!!

No, seriously, I don’t expect any such thing from Pete, but if he did want to buy some new jewelry I wouldn’t say no! This guy has a knack for picking just the perfect piece. I remember when we were looking at Engagement Rings and he chose the exact one I had been eyeing. We had looked at so many different Wedding Rings that our heads were about to spin. Not only had I tried on a lot of rings, but we had really been taught all about the 4C’s: Carat, Cut, Color and Clarity. This information is a must when you are shopping for Diamond Rings! It’s always wise to know all you can about the item you are buying and we did just that. I was, and still am, completely pleased with my set!

Pete has continued to buy me jewelry over the years. The frequency of the jewelry purchases has slowed down, but then again we've made other big purchases instead: house, vans, etc! Lol!! I remember looking at Emerald Rings for several weeks and finally coming to terms that I wasn’t going to get one. Well, Pete surprised me and showed up with a beautiful Emerald ring! It was perfect…just the right shade of green! Since then, I’ve been eyeing the Sapphire Rings and the Ruby Rings. I’ve got a nice pair of Sapphire earrings so maybe I should press for a Sapphire ring….hmmmm…maybe so!

Of course, my desire for beautiful jewelry doesn’t end there! I’ve let Pete know that I would love to have an Anniversary band in the future. In fact, I would love one of those Diamond Wedding Bands that are channel set! Well, actually, any setting would be fine with me! Lol!! And then there are Anniversary Rings and Eternity Rings that would be lovely too. Seriously, I’m just not that picky! Lol!!

Well, even though I’m not picky, it’s still best to make wise purchases and look for the best deals on jewelry. There are tons of places to look for the latest in jewelry and one of those places is You’ll find a large selection of some of the most beautiful jewelry! I am really loving the ruby rings….(hey Pete…check out that half eternity ruby band! See it below?)

It’s important to be educated about the diamonds and other gem stones and that’s why I just love that this site gives you a lot of information about the stones. You even learn about the physical properties you need to look at when purchasing a certain stone. Now, like I mentioned earlier, I knew about diamond’s and the 4C’s, but I had never even thought that other stones might have a something similar! I love when I learn something new!

Now…I’m heading back over there to check out the Sapphire rings!!


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