Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dirtbag Pen Stealers

I’m a pen snob. Really, I’ve tried to overcome my pen pickiness, but it is very hard. Some pens are just too fat and write too chunky. Some pens are way too skinny and have a super fine point that makes me feel like I’m slashing my paper when I write. There have only been a few pens that I have loved.

A few weeks ago, Pete and I had to buy a new(used) van. As part of the “deal”, I told the salesman that I wanted one of his pens. Now folks, this was my dream pen…it wrote perfectly! The salesman smiled and said, “I can give you more than one.” as he passed me a fist-full of custom pens. Needless to say I was thrilled! I know, I know, they give those things out all the time for advertising, but really, these pens are the BEST!!

Now, that was a couple of weeks ago. At present, I can’t find a single one of those pens. My little sweet darling children have “borrowed” them…dirtbags. What does it take to keep a good pen around here? Lol!!

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Mrs. Alspaugh said...

ROFL I love my kids but I don't let them use my pens. I get samples in the mail. I get one of them of one if it is a copy of one I have. I keep the good ones for me. ;)