Saturday, April 26, 2008

Looks More Comfortable!

When I hear someone mention work boots, I think of the big, clunky boots that look completely uncomfortable. I may be wrong, but these types of boots look so stiff. I know they have to be substantial enough to really protect your feet, but they still look like they would be hard to wear.

Well, not only are there big, clunky work boots available, but there are also ones like these shown below! Now, these look much more comfortable, don’t they? From what I’ve read, these work boots offer the same amount of protection as the “traditional” work boot.

I sometimes wonder if I need to don a pair of these boots to work around the house here…it can be dangerous cleaning up after boys! Better yet, maybe I should buy boots for them


Sonya said...

I could kick some mighty tail in these babies!

berto said...

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berto said...

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