Monday, April 21, 2008

No Shoes Allowed

One of mine and Pete's favorite places to visit is Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. There is this really neat restaurant/bar type place called Foxy's and it's a blast. We traveled to the island and the restaurant on a catamaran....a barefoot cruise to be exact. Now, being barefoot is not something I like to do, but I had no other choice. The First Mate had gathered up our shoes before we boarded the boat! Seriously, if I had realized that "barefoot cruise" really did mean "barefoot", I probably would not have signed up to go! lol!!

We did have a good time though...even though my toes were exposed! Ack!! First we stopped by an area to go snorkeling and then it was on over to Foxy's for lunch. I thought we would get to put our shoes on to go to the restaurant, but no such luck! Foxy's is not like most restaurants and we were told not to worry about wearing shoes. Ok...I think. Well, actually, wasn't ok because I ended up needing to use the bathroom and had to walk in there without shoes on...double ack!! Seriously, can we say travel health insurance?? I just knew I was going to get some kind of island cootie from walking on who knows what? I tried not to think about it, but it was impossible.

Even though I had to go barefoot in the loo, I still had a blast there at Foxy's. I figured since I was surely going to die of island cooties, I should at least go down having a great time! lol!! We both hope to go back soon...maybe Pete can get a travel nurse assignment on St. Thomas which is near by Jost...that would be nice!


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