Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning Improves Health

Just great! Seriously, this is NOT what I wanted to hear! lol!! I was hoping for a report more like, "Spring Cleaning Causes Mental Anguish...Better Not Do It This Year!", but no, Fox had to go and report that it is good for our health. Dirtbags!!

Seriously, the report says that physical activity can help with the prevention of certain diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Physical activity also helps with self-esteem and self-perception. Now, of course, we've all heard this before, but this report is focusing on physical activity, not exercise. There is a difference...sigh...

Ok, ok....I'll do some cleaning...sheesh-a-moley! I've made myself feel guilty now....bleh! Maybe I'll post some photos afterwards...I should be very, very healthy by the time I whip this place into shape! lol!


Layne | Reward Rebel said...

They say that Spring cleaning is healthy psychologically, ya know, clearing out all the baggage. Go on, Jen, clean the entire house, and you'll come out of it a new woman! :-)

MamaFlo said...

Spring Cleaning does lift your spirits even if it does take mounds of motivation to get me started - LOL!

Your site inspired me, I'm having Judi do a custom blog design for me too.